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Reusable Centerpieces

Wedding planning certainly leaves a lot of room for interpretation, yet brides often feel a little boxed in when it comes to creating centerpieces.  That doesn’t have to be the case though.  While cut flowers can be used to fashion gorgeous bouquets, they die shortly after the wedding and must be thrown onto the compost pile.  Instead, you might want to think of things that can be used in your centerpieces that would be beneficial to you after the wedding.

Living Flowers. This has become an increasingly popular trend.  Rather than purchasing assortments of cut flowers, many brides are buying potted plants to serve as their centerpieces.  These can be taken home and used to landscape the yard or grown in the house as a reminder of the very special day.  Others have started using the centerpieces as favors.  A grouping of small potted plants on each table can be individually offered to guests as they leave.

Lily Pads. Place lily pads in glass bowls of water, with candles surrounding them, and they will look stunning.  Better yet, when the day is done, the still living plants can be transferred to a pond or you can raise them in your home in container water gardens.

Candles. Jar candles are wonderful centerpieces because they add to the ambience, can be grouped in gorgeous arrangements, and can be taken home afterward.  That way, you can burn them around your home to add a lovely scent to your kitchen or other living space.

Herbs. If you love to cook, then you will love this idea.  Use potted herbs as part of your centerpieces.  Then take the pots home, grow them on the windowsill in your kitchen, and enjoy having the fresh flavor on hand when recipes call for it.  Be sure to use an assortment of different herbs to get the most out of this idea.

Holiday Ornaments. With the holidays coming right up, winter weddings are on our minds.  The wonderful thing about weddings in the coldest season is that they coincide with the holidays.  That means that you can reuse some of your favorite holiday decorations for the purpose of your big day.  Christmas tree glass ball ornaments, for instance, look lovely with pine boughs, at the center of a table.

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