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Bridal Jewelry Trends that You’ll Want to Pay Attention To

If you are getting married, or just dreaming about it, you have likely looked at the many rings available to brides-to-be.  There are certainly many gorgeous examples on the market today, but if you are seriously shopping, you may want to consider some of these jewelry trends as you choose your own.

  1. Pave Set This is not really as new a style of setting diamonds as some would believe it to be, but it has won over modern audiences. The act of setting diamonds so close to the surface and so close together provides beautiful sparkle without having to spend more for a giant stone.  The look is beautiful, contemporary, and very popular with young brides-to-be.
  2. Mixed Metals Rather than choosing platinum or gold, many brides are getting a little of everything. The mixed metal look was something that was very popular in the past, and the look is on the rebound today.  Many women are falling for the pieces, which allow them to mix and match other jewelry with greater success.
  3. Rose Gold When mixing metal, you can’t forget this soft and rosy gold hue. It is very feminine and works beautifully with many gemstones, which has led to its increased popularity in 2015.
  4. Colored Gemstones Speaking of gemstones, you will find that many examples of bridal jewelry include color these days. Gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, and morganite have been replacing diamonds.
  5. Halo Effect Bigger is better, right? But, if you can’t swing the big budget ring, you can make that center stone look larger by surrounding it with more sparkle.  That trick is known as the halo and it is very popular right now!
  6. Thin Band Rather than opting for thick bands of platinum, many brides are embracing the femininity of a ultra-thin rose gold band.
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