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Guy Talk: What Makes a Wedding Great for the Men at your Event

At the risk of stereotyping, men are generally pretty easy to please. You meet their basic needs, and for the most part, they’re happy campers. Your wedding is no different. If you want to keep the male portion of your guest list happy, it isn’t really that tough. We talked to a few different guys and found out what makes them say, “Wow, that was an awesome party!” Here’s what we found out:

  1. Good food matters, especially when it comes to pleasing the menfolk at your wedding. Guests usually have an expectation of at least enjoying a decent meal after you and your SO have exchanged your vows, so feeding people is more or less essential. For guys, sitting down to a hearty meal is a must, especially if you want them to party well into the night.
  2. What goes better with food than some good drinks, alcoholic or not? Most couples plan on having a bar at their reception, and for the men we talked to, this was definitely a good thing. “It’s always a good to have a couple of drinks at a wedding reception,” said one. “Especially if they expect me to get out on the dance floor!”
  3. Real talk, no one wants to listen to a bunch of indie songs that you and your fiance think are great, but no one else does. Tell your DJ to mix up the playlist, filling it up with songs that people can dance to. Throw in a few nostalgia-inducing tunes, and you’ve got yourself a party.
  4. Varied guest list. The guests at your wedding can make or break the experience. Obviously you need to invite your close family members and friends, but try to keep in mind the overall feel of the guest list as it’s coming together. This also goes for seating, if you’re planning on having a seating chart. For example, don’t seat your 25-year old bachelor cousin at a table with your fiance’s 60-year aunts. Come up with a list and/or seating chart that encourages people to mingle and have fun!
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