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3 Wedding Cake Alternatives You’ll Love

Wedding cakes have been around practically since the dawn of time, but let’s face it, not everyone wants cake. And (gasp!) not everyone even likes cake.  If you fall into either of these two categories, you may be wondering what sort of dessert alternatives are out there for you and your guests to enjoy.  Here are 3 we know you’ll love:

  1. DIY ice cream bar – Who doesn’t love building their own ice cream sundaes? Imagine a row of ice cream flavors and toppings, with your guests getting to dictate exactly how they want their dessert to be. Sounds pretty sweet, huh? (Pun intended.) Your guests will think so, too. Plus, you can add whatever variety of flavors and toppings you want, so you can go for old-fashioned goodness with banana splits, or you can class it up with smooth gelato topped with pistachios and white chocolate shavings. Customize however you like!
  2. Dessert shots – Elegant AND delicious, dessert shots are an increasingly popular choice as an alternative to traditional tiered wedding cakes. These are individually crafted dessert masterpieces that can be offered in a variety of flavors. They look as amazing as they taste, too. Flavors like chocolate mousse, strawberry shortcake, and key lime pie give your wedding guests options in addition to a sweet ending to their meal.
  3. Bite-sized dessert buffet – Everyone loves finger foods, and this applies to desserts too. Instead of a handing out slices of cake, why not offer your guest their choice of a variety of bite-sized sweets? You can keep it as simple with cookies or macaroons, or take it up a notch with mini cheesecakes or cream puffs. Choose anywhere from 3 to 5 mini desserts so your guests can sample a couple of the goodies if they choose.

Wedding cakes are not mandatory. If you’re thinking of doing something a little different for your dessert, you have several alternatives to choose from. High Mountain Weddings can help, too – contact us today to find out how!

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