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5 Photo Props You Need for your Wedding Pictures

Wedding photos are one of the most important keepsakes that you’ll have from your big day. Obviously, you want them to be fantastic. If you want to take them from fantastic to perfect, however, try adding one of these 5 props that will elevate your wedding pics to the next level.

  1. Furniture to create a chic vignette – Create artful groupings of elegant furniture that you and your wedding party can pose on. A bold-colored settee or a stately armchair can add tons of interest to a photo. You can mix it up even more by positioning everything outdoors, for a fun and artsy blend of natural chic.
  2. Your pets – Pets are family. If you and your SO are co-parenting a dog, cat, lizard or any other creature, they need to be in your wedding photos too! Arrange for a friend or family member to bring your animal(s) to the shoot, then take them back home if they’re not staying for the big event.
  3. Balloons – Balloons aren’t just for a child’s birthday party. They also work great in professional wedding photos, adding height and dimension to pictures. Use colors that complement your wedding colors, or go for some sleek metallics to up the photo’s bling factor.
  4. Confetti, flower petals, or bubbles – These things aren’t just for your guests to blast at you after the ceremony – they’re also perfect for pictures! Let the bubbles float by as your photographer does his thing, or have your friends rain confetti or petals down on you and your fiancé while you pose for pics.
  5. Photo booth props – Props such as funny glasses, hats, or even fake mustaches can add a touch of fun to your photos. Sure, it’s silly, but that’s sort of the point. It’s the perfect way to balance all your serious photos too!
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