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Wedding Planning: The Importance of Celebrating Milestones

Wedding planning is often something that women look forward to immensely.  That is, until they realize that there are more ideas that just those in their own heads.  Having to include the thoughts of her mother, soon-to-be mother-in-law and future husband can make the planning more of a challenge that she would have expected.  There are also a lot of details, many of which are not as exciting as choosing the dress and color theme, which can make the bride-to-be lose her zeal for planning.

If you have found that wedding planning is not all that you imagined it to be, then consider how celebrating small achievements can make the process much more enjoyable.

#YesToTheDress Whether you love the wedding hashtags or hate them, there is good reason to acknowledge these special moments of the wedding planning process. Working for a year on the plans for a single day can become very overwhelming and cause the whole process to lose its luster.  By celebrating the small milestones (like finding the perfect wedding dress) along the way, you can remind yourself of what awaits you on the other end.

Partner for Planning the After Party All of that work for your wedding day might be getting you down, so step away for it for a bit and think about what you have to look forward to after the vows have been read.  Get your significant other involved and start planning that honeymoon.  Think of all of the fun and romantic activities that you might want to do when you have that special time together. And, when these plans have been made, the honeymoon officially booked, celebrate that as well.

Order Extra When ordering the wine or Champagne for your wedding, order an extra bottle, and take the time to have a glass with that special someone who makes all of this effort worthwhile.  Also, enjoy the taste-testing opportunities as well.  Treat them as special events and allow yourself to be pampered during that part of the process.

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