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5 Reasons to Invest in Vintage Photo Frames for Your Wedding

We have seen a lot of unique ideas from brides and grooms through the years.  Some we loved, some we wouldn’t be quick to recommend to others.  However, one of the definite favorites was the incorporation of vintage frames.  These can often be purchased for a very small investment at yard sales, on online auction sites, and flea markets.  The bigger the variety in shape, size, and form, the better.

The Classic “In the Mirror” Photograph Old frames can be fitted with sheets of mirrored glass, if you want them to serve this distinct purpose on your big day.  There is something romantic about the classic shot of the bride seeing herself fully dressed for the first time.  This is often captured from behind, with the mirrored reflection seen over her shoulder.  It is a gorgeous shot and sure to be a favorite.

Display the Seating Chart and Dinner Menu Small and large frames can be used as displays at your wedding.  You could use frames to highlight the seating chart, the ceremony program, the guestbook, or the night’s menu.  You could even use smaller frames, placed beside each dish at the buffet to indicate the ingredients used to make it.

Use Your Photos as Centerpieces Framed black and white photos of the bride and groom make beautiful centerpieces at a wedding.

Framing the Shots in the Photo Booth Include frames of various shapes and sizes with the other photo booth props, and you can be sure that guests will have a lot of fun with them.

They Can Go Home With You At the end of the night, you can take the frames and mirrors home.  They can be used to hold the photographs of your big day, and to decorate your home, always serving to remind you of that special day.

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