July 2016

Once upon a time, flower petals were commonly seen at weddings, but the trends have moved away from the use of the fluttering, soft, bits of nature.  But, we think you should consider bringing them back.  After all, there are few elements of wedding planning that epitomize romance as well as flower petals. Of course, you could have your flower girl sprinkle them as she walks down the aisle, as tradition dictated.  But, you don’t have to limit yourself like that.

If you love the idea of walking down the aisle and saying your vows to the love of your life, but the idea of planning your wedding overwhelms you, then you have a couple of options.  The first is to hire a professional planner.  In some cases, it can actually cost less to throw a wedding with the help of a planner, because they are privy to deals and discounts that you aren’t.  However, if you can’t swing the cost of a planner, or aren’t quite ready to hand over the reins, consider these points.

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