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Engagement Ring Trends of the Year

If you are already planning your wedding, then you have probably already received an engagement ring and said ‘yes’ to the accompanying proposal.  Nevertheless, it’s fun to see how your stone and setting stand up to the popular choices.

The All Angles Diamond For those who have always loved the classic solitaire diamond engagement ring, 2016 is a great year.  The solitaires are very popular this year, but be sure that you set that stone to have it seen.   As buyers become better educated in choosing high quality diamonds, they have to show off their selections.  So, sturdy four-prong settings are being used to raise the stone upward, so it can be seen and appreciated from nearly every angle.

Wearing a Halo Angelic or not, you can’t deny that the rings being created today with a halo of diamonds are shimmering examples of near-perfection.  These cluster settings have been very popular with the stars over the past couple of the years, but there is a halo setting to fit every budget, which makes them accessible to all of us.

Marquise Cut Diamonds Living on the edge does have a certain level of appeal, as do these edgy stones.  Thin and tapered on two ends, the marquise cut is not new, but it is enjoying growing popularity this year.  Much of this has to do with the fun and funky ways that jewelers are setting the stones.  While the settings are very modern, there is a sort of vintage appeal to the stone.

Riding the Wave of LoveThe waves of the ocean have always intrigued humankind, and we are now finding that movement in the jewelry that we wear on our fingers.  Jewelers may refer to this type of setting as the “over under”, but we think it should be called “the wave”.  Rather than creating an unending band of metal, the jeweler keeps the two ends separated and sets the stone between them.

In addition to these trends, we are seeing many carried over from 2015, including the use of colorful gemstones instead of diamonds, and the use of rose gold.

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