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Bringing Romance to Your Wedding with Rose Petals

Once upon a time, flower petals were commonly seen at weddings, but the trends have moved away from the use of the fluttering, soft, bits of nature.  But, we think you should consider bringing them back.  After all, there are few elements of wedding planning that epitomize romance as well as flower petals.

Of course, you could have your flower girl sprinkle them as she walks down the aisle, as tradition dictated.  But, you don’t have to limit yourself like that.

Down the Aisle Instead of having the flower girl drop them, you can have flower petals already in place, when she starts to walk the aisle.  At one wedding recently, we saw a bride line the aisle with living floral arrangements.  She then took petals from the same types of flowers and sprinkled them around the potted arrangements to emulate the look of nature.  It was beautifully done.  We’ve also seen brides create a pattern along the length of the aisle with flower petals as their artist medium.

A Rice Alternative Rather than having guests throw rice as you leave hand-in-hand, as bride and groom, you might consider arming each guest with a handful of flower petals.  They will certainly be more delicate when they make contact with your skin, but they will also provide a very romantic element to the photos taken at that moment. We saw a bride do this with cherry blossoms, instead of individual petals.  It was stunning.

Table Arrangements Flower petals can also add a great deal of whimsy to your reception tables.  Whether they are sprinkled around lit candles, or in a circle about a black and white photo of the happy couple, they will add a touch of romance to the event.  If you don’t want to have them on every table, consider using them for the head table or to create a border around your wedding cake.

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