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Bridesmaids: Silly Facts and Figures

If you are trying to narrow down your list of potential bridesmaids, you are undoubtedly feeling stressed, so we thought we would offer you a few fun facts to consider, which might just make your job a little easier.

Average Number of Bridesmaids The average bride has five bridesmaids, which might just be more than you were planning for.  The number has increased over the years, and many brides are including more than five now, or not matching the number of bridesmaids to the number of groomsmen.

Two-Thirds Will Require the Same Dresses  Most brides will require their bridesmaids to invest in a dress, so that all of the girls standing beside her are matching and within the color scheme of the event.

There are Millions of Bridesmaids Each Year Chances are good that the one that you do not include as a bridesmaid will get her chance in the future.  There are more than eleven million bridesmaids every year, and that definitely means that many women are asked to do repeat performances in that role.

The Average Cost of Being a Bridesmaid is more than $1500 Worried that you are leaving someone out that will be hurt for not having received the honor of being a bridesmaid?  Consider the favor you are doing that person.  It can be very expensive to be a bridesmaid these days.  On average, those who stand up beside the bride can expect to spend about $1600.  This accounts for the cost of the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, contributions to the bachelorette party and bridal shower, travel to the wedding, a wedding gift, a shower gift, hair and makeup for the big day.

The Maid of Honor Typically Has a List of Responsibilities The average Maid of Honor doesn’t get much time to rest and relax as the wedding approaches.  Why?  Because the brides really do expect a lot from their first lady.  The typical maid of honor will plan the shower, pass along information about registries, go dress shopping with the bride and help her select THE dress, assist with planning and DIY projects, coordinate bridesmaids for dress shopping, and give a toast at the wedding.

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