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Choosing the Dress: Don’t Make these Common Mistakes

Selecting the dress that you will wear on your wedding day is a big decision and not one that should be made lightly.  The dresses are generally very expensive, and the one that you choose will be seen for years to come in the wedding photos and video.  Give the importance of the task, there are a few mistakes that you don’t want to make.

Limit Yourself to Two Helpers Dress shopping can be stressful, though fun.  There is a lot of trying on, adjusting, and mirror looking.  The act of changing into and out of one gown after another can actually be very exhausting.  Plus, you want to know that you are picking a dress because it is the one that you prefer, not the one that someone else likes best.  Too many people involved in the process can add to the stress levels and take the fun out of choosing your dress.  So, limit yourself to two people for that initial shopping trip. If you want to involve others, wait until you go back for the fitting session (after you have selected the dress that you want), or bring the entourage when you shop for bridesmaids’ dresses.

Don’t Shop until Your Budget Can Support the Purchase Once you start trying on gowns, you are very likely to fall in love with one.  It can be devastating to realize that the dress you have your mind set on is no longer available when you are ready to buy.  Wait until you can afford to make the purchase, and then start trying things on.

Understand the Sizing As women, we can get caught up on numbers, particularly when it comes to size, but gowns generally run small, and that means that you might have to order a dress that is a size or two larger than you usually wear.  Just remember that you are not alone and nearly every bride has to do the same.

Buying a Gown Without Trying it On This is such a tremendous risk, but one that many brides have taken.  While some have had success ordering dresses online or buying dresses from boutiques who didn’t have a sample dress in their size, if it doesn’t work out the results can be devastating. You don’t want to have to fork over the cash to cover the cost of a second gown, the ridiculous cost of return shipping, or to have a gown resized several sizes.

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