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Five Decisions That Will Make Planning Your Wedding Easier

If you love the idea of walking down the aisle and saying your vows to the love of your life, but the idea of planning your wedding overwhelms you, then you have a couple of options.  The first is to hire a professional planner.  In some cases, it can actually cost less to throw a wedding with the help of a planner, because they are privy to deals and discounts that you aren’t.  However, if you can’t swing the cost of a planner, or aren’t quite ready to hand over the reins, consider these points.

Choose a Smart Wedding Date If you choose a date that is convenient for those who are traveling and a date that can be easily accommodated by local hotels and venues, you will find that it makes planning far easier.  This often means choosing a date that is not in the midst of the traditional wedding season, but that does mean that many doors will be opened to you that might otherwise be closed.  You will also find it easier to get a head count and that more of your guests are able to make the event if you choose a date that corresponds with national holidays or other typical times off.

Make a Quick Wish List  Before you start researching in magazines, on websites, and, of course Pinterest, make a list of the things that are most important to you.  You should have two separate lists.  The first should be the things that you consider absolute necessary to your wedding.  The second should be the things that you want to have, if you can afford to have them.

Select a Theme You will be amazed at how much easier the planning becomes when you have a theme to keep everything tied together.  You might center your ideas around travel, around your ethnicity, on the concept of family tradition, or on a particular season.  Once you have a theme in mind, do a search of it on sites like Pinterest, and you will be amazed how many ideas are out there for you.

Organize the Paperwork Keep a binder.  You won’t regret it.  It will give you a place to keep all of the important contracts, calendars, lists, RSVPs, and other such documentation.  It will also help you keep your ideas organized.

Checklist and Calendar Set deadlines for yourself.  You can find a lot of wedding planning checklists online, and then you can layout a calendar of planning, so you know exactly when you have to have each element taken care of.

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