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The Classic Bouquet Shapes to Consider for Your Wedding

Round Bouquet  If you are a girl who loves all things classic and traditional, then you will almost certainly choose this bouquet shape.  It is simple, but elegant, and was very likely the very shape seen at your grandmother’s wedding and for the generations before.  The good news is that the round bouquet will work with your dress, even if you have selected a relatively modern cut, because the round bouquet is really very universal.  And, though it is a traditional choice, you can make it very unique to you by mixing and matching all of your favorite blooms.

The Posy Bouquet We’ve noticed that this has been a very popular choice among brides recently.  The smaller, more slender approach to a bouquet makes it lighter, easier to carry in a single hand, and less formal than the traditional fullness of a round bouquet.  It also tends to cost less, because it requires fewer flowers to create a posy bouquet.

Over-the-Arm Pageant Bouquet If you have ever watched a beauty pageant, then you know exactly why this bouquet is called by this name.  To be laid over the arm and carried almost as if it was a precious newborn baby, the pageant bouquet is ultra-feminine and perfect for a formal wedding.  This arrangement is a bit more selective and won’t work will all blooms, so be sure that you work closely with your florist if this is the look that you want.

The Cascading Arrangement This is definitely one of our favorite looks this year because it works so well with the trendy blooms.  It is considered a very formal arrangement, but we’ve seen them created to suit more casual affairs.  The type of flowers used will really determine the formality.

The Kissing Ball Carried from a ribbon, this is certainly a more casual and less traditional selection.  All of the blooms are fed into a round core to create a bouquet that is beautiful from all angles.  Many brides find them to be a very affordable option, because even inexpensive blooms look gorgeous in this arrangement.


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