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Creative Ways to Tell Friends and Family Your Engaged

If you recently said yes to the proposal put forth by the person you love, then you have big news to share and you should definitely consider how you could share it in a creative way.  Though it was once custom to ask for the bride’s hand, not all couples are choosing to follow tradition, and they are having an awful lot of fun spilling their news to their parents.  You might consider one of these great ideas for telling them without coming right out and saying it.

Coffee cup We’ve seen this done in a couple of different ways.  Though it is generally for the purpose of the engagement photos, we really love the idea of delivering the news in person, but with the coffee cup in hand.  Serve a brunch and be sure that you carry the new coffee mug around in your left hand.  It may say “Does this Ring Make Me Look Engaged?” as some have suggested, but we also love the simplicity of “I Said Yes!” with an arrow pointed at the ring.

T-shirt For you, or for both of you, custom made t-shirts are a great way to share the news.  You might just be labeled bride and groom, or you could wear a shirt that says “Future Mrs.”.  However you choose to word your message, the idea of revealing it as you remove your jacket or sweatshirt is nearly too sweet to bear.

Present with mock invitation enclosed If you are sharing this message with only your parents, you might consider giving a gift instead of displaying it on a mug of tee.  Send a bouquet of flowers with a card telling them, wrap up an inexpensive ring and a mock invitation to the big day, or come up with some other wedding-related gift that provides the shock factor.

Text a Picture If you aren’t able to be with them when they learn your news, then you might just consider saying it all with a picture.  There are so many great ideas for engagement photos online these days.  Choose one of your favorite poses, have the picture taken, with the ring clearly in the foreground, and send it as a text message.

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