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Put on a Smile for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Photos

It can be very difficult to effectively fake a smile for photos, and while we hope that your smile is genuine in most of your Lake Tahoe wedding photos, there will undoubtedly come a time during the big day when you find your face hurts from all of the smiling for photographs.  You may have to fake it a time or two.  Make the smile look as real and as comfortable as possible with these helpful hints.

Close Your Eyes Take a moment to let the stress of the moment escape.  Closing your eyes can do just that for you, but it can also help you achieve a very realistic looking smile.  Just before the picture is snapped close your eyes, take a breath, then slowly open your eyes while softly pulling up the corners of your mouth.  This will provide a more natural look than the overly forced smiles that are often seen in photographs.

Quick! Think Funny Thoughts Don’t force the smile.  Your eyes can tell the story.  But, in order to pull off the smile-in-your-eyes, you are going to have to think of something funny just before your photo is taken.  So, be sure that you have a couple of jokes in mind before the big day, jokes that are certain to make you giggle on the inside.

Lick Your Teeth It may sound funny, but placing your tongue on the back of your teeth and pressing lightly into them will create an attractive jaw line.  Just smile softly, without showing your teeth and the look will be very whimsical, but also very natural.

Sit up Straight Posture plays a big part in how you look in a photograph.  Proper posture can take care of that double chin that you fear, and it can also make you appear thinner, more toned, and beautiful.  Sit up straight, turn away from the camera just slightly, and let your head rest comfortably.  The result will be dazzling.

Practice Makes Perfect Faking a smile isn’t easy for a lot of people.  If you are one of those, then spend some time, before your big day, practicing your smile in the mirror.  You’ll feel more comfortable on your own, and you can really get a feel for what makes your smile look most natural.  This is also a good way to determine your best angle.  Practice in the mirror, or practice taking selfies.  Both have major advantages.

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