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Five Ways to Deal with Helpful Friends When you Don’t Want the Help

Planning a wedding can be a great deal of fun, but it can also get very stressful if you are the type of person who really wants to please everyone.  For brides who have surrounded themselves with creative personalities, it can be very tricky to walk the line between denying the unwanted help and hurting the feelings of friends and family members.  So, we have come up with a few ideas for you should you want to turn down the offers for wedding assistance.

The Photographer If you have a friend or family member who has proven a talent for photo taking, but isn’t the person that you want to hire for your special day, you can simply make a different request instead.  That way, you won’t insult your friend, and you may just can get great photos for the engagement announcements, from your bridal shower, or at the rehearsal dinner.  You get a wonderful service at a great price, and your friend will feel that he or she has served a part in the festivities.

The Music Lover Whether the person loves to play a particular instrument or is the consummate DJ at parties, it doesn’t mean that you have to feel obliged to have him or her play at your wedding.  You can lighten the blow by suggesting that the event really wouldn’t be the same if he or she couldn’t be on the dance floor with you.

The Crafty Personality There is a difference between being crafty and being overwhelmingly controlling.  A crafty personality can be very beneficial and shouldn’t be entirely denied.  Simply remind the person that you will be in need of help as the day approaches, and when you have found a task best handled by the craft-minded, call him or her up.  If the person likes to take control and you feel that your opinions and tastes will get lost in the process, then feel free to say that you have things covered, or that you have already hired a planner to take care of those details.

The Treat Maker A great baker is not necessarily a wonderful wedding cake artist, and you don’t want to have a mess on your wedding day, so do as you might have done with the photographer – ask that he or she bake something special for the bridal shower or engagement party, as opposed to tackling the wedding cake.

The Bartender Again, you need only say that you don’t want that person tied up at the wedding, because you want him or her to join in on the fun of the day.

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