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Three Great Reasons to Create Signature Cocktails for Your Wedding

If you haven’t considered creating your own signature drinks for your wedding ceremony, then this is a great time to do so.  There are a lot of reasons to include this element in the celebration, but we believe that you will only need three to convince yourself that it is the way to go.

Save Money Let’s face it, the majority of brides are planning on a budget, and appreciate the ability to save money wherever they can.  The signature drinks are perfect for this.  You can serve them in large containers instead of- or in addition to your other alcohol choices.  Either way, it will save you money, because people tend to gravitate toward signature drinks, particularly those that are already on display.  That means less alcohol consumed otherwise, and less money spent.

Don’t Mix If you and your groom have signature drinks, you’ll be less likely to mix your beverages throughout the evening, and that could mean a happier morning.  It will make it much simpler for those who want to fill your glass for you, and you won’t have to wonder about what you are being served.

The Pre-Wedding Planning Most of the fun of having a signature drink is the creation of it.  After all, it is going to take a bit of trial and error to get it right.  So, plan a night with your spouse-to-be, or even put together a small party of your closest friends, and start experimenting with different tastes until you find the perfect one!  We do recommend that you consider having two signature drinks for your big day – his and hers.  This will give your guests a choice, but it also means that both you and your fiancé get to make a selection.  You can also display them at an event, or even have guests pay a dollar to cast a vote on which is the best.

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