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Spread the Message: 8 Fun and Funky Wedding Signs

They have become quite the trend at weddings over the past few years, but their popularity is certainly not waning.  Including signs, especially those in gorgeous frames, is the thing to do this wedding season.  Not only do they add a touch of elegance, they really do serve worthwhile purposes, which might just be reason enough to consider including one (or five) at your own celebration.

Signs Worn By Ring Bearer and Flower Girl We have seen these several times, in different forms, but they are always loved.  Whether it is the “Here She Comes” sign or the playful “Has Anyone Seen The Rings?” sign carried by the ring bearer, the effect is a great one.  It also gives young children something to think about, other than all of the people looking at them.

Directional Signs If you are getting married at a big venue, then signs might not just be adorable, they could be very necessary. It is helpful to have directional arrows that point guests in the right direction at various points during the event.

Guest Request Signs Do you want to encourage your guests to take photos and to post them to social media?  Then, tell them that with a sign.  Whatever your photo policy may be at your wedding, you can say it very effectively, and very politely, with a sign.  Just don’t forget to include the hashtag that you’d like them to use.

Seating Assignment Signs If you want to divide your audience by affiliation with bride or groom, then let guests know which side is which with little signs at the start of the aisle.  If you’d rather let everyone sit wherever they’d like, then tell them that instead.  “Choose a seat, not a side. You’re loved by the groom and the bride.”

Signs to Pay Tribute If you’ve lost a loved one, if you want to thank your parents for their investment in the event, or if there is someone special that deserves to be honored, then say it with a sign.

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