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Lake Tahoe Wedding Color Trends for 2016

If you are preparing to plan a wedding, you will likely want to consider your color scheme first.  Unless you are choosing a theme for your wedding day, the color scheme will likely define many of the choices that you make during the planning process.  There have been many beautiful color trends in the past, but we are particularly fond of some of those turning up this year.

Bright and Sunny On such a happy day, it is wonderful to see the bright beams of the sun.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate, at least you’ll know that your wedding will paint the look of a summer’s day.  Bright yellows, soft greens, pale pinks, and bark brown have been combined in a few weddings lately, and we absolutely love the outcome.  It is a very natural, but unexpected color scheme, and the guests were sold immediately.

Getting Hotter If you aren’t really one for the soft and sunny summers day, but you do want to heat things up, then you would love this next trend for 2016.  Combining touches of pale yellow with more vibrant pops of orange and reddish-orange creates a very fiery look, and one that is sure to be remembered.  The blooms really popped against the brides’ dresses and even the invitations simply couldn’t be ignored, for their vibrancy.

Sea’s Mist If you are a bride-to-be who believes in the old adage that rain is good luck on the wedding day, then you might just fall for this very water-inspired color scheme.  Greens, grays, and blues are combined to create a very beachy feel that is both calming and romantic.

A Touch of the Past The last of these popular color schemes is a carryover from 2015.  It wasn’t this color combination that we saw last year, but rather the love of vintage that we see repeated in 2016.   There is something very inviting about bringing a piece of the past into the wedding planning.  It does have a very romantic air about it, so we certainly appreciate the brides’ decision to opt for colors reminiscent of days gone by.  Grays, soft pinks, sage greens, and charcoal grays are combined for a beautiful effect that is modern, but that honors the past.

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