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Perfect Venue of Lake Tahoe Wedding Locations

The day you will say ‘I do’ would surely be the most heart-touching and cherishing moment of your life.  Weddings are the most surreal and once a lifetime event in the life of an individual. The bride and groom can spend a lot to have the most impeccable and indelible wedding experience. Right from the venue to the catering till the wedding dance, they want everything to be flawless. Apart from choosing the perfect ring for the wedding, the second most important thing is choosing the right venue for you to live your precious moments. Your wedding venue does not only define your style but it also sets the tone and the mood of your entire ceremony. High Mountain Weddings are the wedding guides who help you realize your dream from desiring a wedding at Lake Tahoe wedding Locations to having one. High Mountain Weddings understand that it’s your day, that’s why their services are not restricted to a  particular location at the Lake Tahoe, that’s why they also offer you customized wedding packages. There are many locations where you can get married, such as a wedding in a garden, in a banquet hall, in a resort, and others, but taking the vows lakeside gives you the most scintillating and wonderful experience. Lake Tahoe is one such exotic lakeside wedding location that encapsulates the most alluring and amazing ambiance that will make your wedding the ultimate one. The most exciting thing about Lake Tahoe is that it resides along the state line in California and Nevada so that you can enjoy the surroundings and merging of both states at the same time.

Are you planning a spring or summer wedding at Lake Tahoe? Great! We have you covered. Being in the business for more than two decades, we know almost every venue here. Lake Tahoe wedding is renowned for its scenic beauty and romantic experience. If you haven’t yet decided on a venue, we can help you pick the most suitable spot for your wedding. Tahoe wedding is magical and offers a great view for your wedding photographs.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular and stunning wedding locations:

Emerald Bay

It is one of the most iconic Wedding spots in Lake Tahoe. It has 600 acres of the state park and Emerald Bay as a backdrop, which makes your ceremony special and memorable. Only this venue captures the essence of Lake Tahoe’s pristine natural beauty in such a grand way. The view is spectacular from every corner of this site whether it’s cliffside or from two scenic lookout points. Emerald Bay weddings are the most romantic and beautiful.

Regan Beach

If a beach wedding is your dream, Regan beach is the ideal spot to arrange your wedding.
Good for groups of up to 100 guests. Tucked in a quaint park in the heart of south shore, Regan beach is a paradise on earth. You will love the grassy knoll with giant old-growth pines at the beach. The ceremony at such a location is extremely romantic and breathtaking.

Lakeside Beach

If you want to plan a lake wedding, Lakeside Beach is just what you needed. The sand on the beach is the best for the ceremony. You can see the lake right from 20 yards distance. You can hire professionals like High Mountain Wedding to make the Planning perfect and Flawless for your big day.

All about wedding prep:

A wedding is an extremely special day in a person’s life. You can make it memorable by choosing a location that unwinds your thoughts and lets you start afresh. Lake Tahoe is perfect for small intimate weddings. Just share your ideas and we can create a perfect wedding for you. The standard Lake Tahoe Wedding packages include champagne, photography, flowers, music and a lot more. But you would be heard in case of any other special requirements for your wedding day. The mountain wedding packages are limited not only to a location only but are also including other wedding perspectives such as Professional wedding photography, fresh flowers and bouquets, champagne for the newlyweds, traditional wedding march music (on request) and a lot more.

Book your perfect lakeside wedding with High Mountain weddings and live what you have always dream of.


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