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In Sickness and Health: A Story of a Short but Powerful Love

When we read the story of Heather and David Mosher on People.com, we knew that we had to share it with those planning their own weddings.  The two were still quite young when they said their vows.  David was just 35.  His bride was 31.  While most young brides and grooms speak the words “in sickness and health”, the words were especially meaningful for this couple.  Heather’s time was running out and they both knew that there wouldn’t be an anniversary celebration the following year.

Heather had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.  She received the diagnosis, the worst news of her life, on the very same day that she agreed to marry her longtime boyfriend.  The two decided that they wouldn’t let the diagnosis change their plans to wed.  However, the next year didn’t proceed as the normal wedding planning process would. Heather’s health quickly deteriorated.  David knew, even as he spoke his vows, it would be the last time the two would converse.  Originally, the wedding had been scheduled for the last day of December.  However, when Heather was admitted to the hospital, doctors and nurses urged them to consider speaking their vows sooner.  She wouldn’t be able to go home.

The groom told People that he cried throughout the ceremony, but wouldn’t have done it any other way.  Heather was able to celebrate her big day for a few moments.  Just 18 hours later, the cancer claimed her.  Instead of the big wedding celebration that had been scheduled for December 30, David read a eulogy in honor of his departed wife.

Would you be able to go through that for the person that you love?  If you were deathly ill, would you want your last words to be the wedding vows for the person you love?

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