March 2017

If you are planning your wedding and the dress that you have selected has no straps, then you are undoubtedly a bit worried about having it slip throughout the evening.  While strapless dresses are gorgeous and beautifully showcase toned shoulders, they can be a nuisance when they don’t fit just right.  Even when they do fit well, they have the tendency to move around a bit and make us nervous enough to tug on them several times throughout an evening.  That is not a picture you want the photographer capturing.  So, how do you avoid it?

If you are planning for your big day, then you have likely already noticed how quickly a wedding budget can be spent.  When it comes time to decide on wedding favors, there can be a great deal of frustration tied to the cost, because even the cost of the most inexpensive items adds up when buying for 150-, 200-, or 250 people.   The good news is that this is one area of your wedding where a little DIY can be practical, worthwhile, and appreciated. Rather than buying premade just for $1 or $2 per person, consider how you can spend that money to make your own highly-desirable favors.  We have seen many brides do this with the greatest success and class.

Nearly every bride-to-be imagines her big day being one that guests will remember vividly.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  For guests who have attended many weddings in a short number of years, especially, the events can essentially blend together in their memories. One of the biggest reasons for this is that wedding trends often result in many weddings sharing a similar vibe.

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