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Awesome DIY Wedding Favors That Won’t Break the Budget

If you are planning for your big day, then you have likely already noticed how quickly a wedding budget can be spent.  When it comes time to decide on wedding favors, there can be a great deal of frustration tied to the cost, because even the cost of the most inexpensive items adds up when buying for 150-, 200-, or 250 people.   The good news is that this is one area of your wedding where a little DIY can be practical, worthwhile, and appreciated.

Rather than buying premade just for $1 or $2 per person, consider how you can spend that money to make your own highly-desirable favors.  We have seen many brides do this with the greatest success and class.

Succulents have been very popular over the past couple of years. We haven’t seen the trend fade yet, and we hope it doesn’t any time soon, because succulents are both beautiful and very affordable.  They can be easily grown, inside or out (in the warmer months) and they tend to reproduce very quickly.  That means, you might even be able to grow your own garden of succulents from which you can harvest your wedding favors.  Place them in inexpensive, painted pots with decorative stones or sand and they will make a favor that people want to take home.

Another idea that we have seen at a couple of weddings and absolute loved was chocolate-covered coffee beans.  A bag of gourmet beans costs less than $10.  A bag of melting chocolate costs even less.  And, together, they are enough to make many small bags of edible favors.  We use this as an example, but often you can buy both coffee beans and melting chocolate in bulk which will cut your overall cost even more.  Don’t forget to buy some little plastic pouches and ribbon to finish the effect.

One of the best wedding favors that we have seen is a natural wood, customized coaster.  It was a DIY project that the bride and her friends took on.  Thin logs were cut in thin (coaster-sized) sections.  The women used wood burners to mark each of them with the date of the wedding, then used cans of spray-on varnish to seal the wood (and to provide a glossy finish.  The outcome was really terrific and it barely touched the wedding budget.

With a little creativity and a weekend with friends, you can create your own wedding favors that are both inexpensive and truly desirable.

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