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Before you Book Your Bridal Beauty Bundle

Most brides will opt to have their hair, makeup, and other cosmetic concerns addressed by the professionals before their big day.  This is a normal practice and undoubtedly one that you are considering if you are planning your wedding.  Before you book your hair and makeup appointment, though, consider the following tips.

Consider Venue Options Some venues have a spa and salon staff, while others will allow you extra time to get ready on location.  If that is an option, you might want to consider a beauty team that will come to you.  This is not uncommon and often you can get a good deal if all of your bridal party is going to partake.

Ask for Referrals If you are planning a destination wedding, or you don’t already have a salon in mind for your big day, be sure to ask for advice.  This includes, of course, asking friends and family members, but also speaking to the venue and vendors.  They will often have suggestions because they are so immersed in the wedding scene.

Take a Trial Run While there will undoubtedly be questions that you will want answered, don’t let the words be enough.  Book a pre-wedding practice run with the stylist that you intend to use on your big day.  It is important to do this, so you can be sure that you will get exactly the look you want for your wedding.

Do Some Research Before you go in for the practice run, and definitely before your wedding day, be sure that you do some research online, so you can give the stylist some reference pictures of the look you are trying to achieve.  Keep in mind that you should seek hair- and makeup styles that will work with your hair texture and skin tone.

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