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Following Wedding Trends Without Creating a Copy-Cat Vibe

Nearly every bride-to-be imagines her big day being one that guests will remember vividly.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  For guests who have attended many weddings in a short number of years, especially, the events can essentially blend together in their memories. One of the biggest reasons for this is that wedding trends often result in many weddings sharing a similar vibe.

Obviously that is not what you want your special day to be – just like every other one guests will attend this year.  So, you are going to have to be careful to avoid being too on-trend.  For instance, in recent years, it has become quite popular for brides and grooms to create their own cocktails, which they name for themselves. The concept of having a special drink or two in honor of your big day is a wonderful one.  But, consider how you can switch it up to make the experience once to remember.  This may mean having a bartender available to craft the fancy beverage for guests.  Maybe it means a customizable cocktail.  Though guests would be pulling from the same punch bowl, they could choose to ‘accessorize’ their drink with a scoop of sherbet, ice cubes containing herbs, or stir-sticks laden with fresh fruits.

In order to make your wedding stand out, you need to be able to add your own flair to bridal trends.  For instance, buffets and food trucks are very popular right now.  That doesn’t mean that you have to do a sit-down dinner to stand out, but perhaps you can serve unexpected foods or may you offer multiple buffets that each serves foods with a different ethnic origin.

All white weddings are another trend that has rapidly grown so that guests can expect to attend more than one per year.  We don’t blame you for loving the look, but consider how you can make it stand out from the blur of white that guests have seen over the past few years.  If you simply love the uniformity of it, then you might consider a different color.  If it is the clean look of all-white, then perhaps this is a time to think about various textures that you could incorporate.  The sensory appeal could be enough to make your day stand out in the minds of guests.

Following trends is fine.  Not only can following a trend make it easier to maintain a cohesive look for your big day, but choosing trendy accessories often means getting better prices than when seeking out less typical items. However, do be sure that your wedding is as unique and special as you are.

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