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Wedding Planning 101: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes

Planning a wedding is a big undertaking, which is why many brides hand the reigns over to a professional planner.  It is a lot to take on, but if you are an organized person, it is possible to make your day a big success without the help of the pros.  There are, though, certain mistakes that are commonly made by couples planning their own weddings.  Included here are a few of those that you will want to avoid.

Mistake #1. Forgetting to Create a Timeline Many brides find that they are very efficient that laying out exactly what must happen, and in what order, to ensure that the dress arrives on time, the flowers are delivered in full bloom, and the cake is tasty and fresh for the big event.  Some of those same women, though, are guilty of overlooking the importance of outlining the events that must occur on the day of the wedding – the pictures, the bridal party introductions, the first dance, the toasts, etc.  It is a very good idea to have these things laid out on paper, so that everyone – wait staff, DJ, bridal party members, etc. – are on the same page as the evening progresses.

Providing Too Little ‘Get Ready’ Time When you are your friends or your closest family members get together, there is a good chance that a lot more chatting and laughing will happen than actual getting ready.  Many brides have gotten themselves in trouble by allotting too little time for hair, makeup and dressing.  You definitely don’t want to be rushed when you are getting ready for the big day.

Failing to Take Tips From Those Who Know Best Remember, this is your wedding day and you should do everything you can to make it resemble the day you’ve always dreamed of, but do take into consideration the advice given by the pros.  This can come in the form of the photographer suggesting that you set aside more time for photos, the event coordinator at the venue suggesting moving a table slightly to allow better traffic flow, or the florist suggesting a different type of bloom.  These are the people that are very familiar with weddings.  They have likely played a part in far more events than you will ever attend, so they have some inside experience that you can benefit from.

Mistakes are going to be made, and there will undoubtedly be little things that are overlooked whenever you plan a big event, but taking the time to learn from those made by others can make your wedding day an even bigger success.

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