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Wedding Photography 101: Five Tips

If you are preparing to hire a photographer for your big day, or the contract has been signed and your just getting ready for the big day ahead, then there are a few tips that might help to ensure that you get the photos that you want.

#1. Take a Trial Run It is always wise to schedule a small photoshoot with the photographer that you intend to use before the big day.  This is an opportunity to get a feel for how the photographs will turn out, but, perhaps more importantly, it will help you to build a report with the photographer, which will make you feel more relaxed and natural on the wedding day.

#2. Have Some Ideas of Your Own Relying on the photographer for arranging your photos is great, but if you have seen photos from other weddings that you have loved, don’t be afraid to ask.

#3. Have Realistic Expectations Your wedding day will be lovely, but it won’t be perfect.  There will be glitches and this include problems arising during the photoshoot.  For some, that issue may be inclement weather.  For others it could be a disagreeable flower girl.  And, for others, it could be a wardrobe malfunction.  Whatever it may be, work around it and realize that when you look back, it will not seem nearly as major as it does in the moment.

#4. Wear Vaseline on Your Teeth This is a trick of pageant girls and models, but it can serve you well on your wedding day.  When you have to smile so much in such a short period of time, the Vaseline will help your lips glide smoothly and give your smile a more natural feel.

#5. Don’t Drink Soda or Eat Candy Try to avoid excessive carbonation and sugar on the day of your wedding (at least until after the pictures have been taken).  These can cause bloating, which certainly isn’t something you want when having your picture taken.

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