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How to Choose the Best Lake Tahoe Wedding Date

For most brides- and grooms-to-be, the first decision to make, upon deciding to wed is determining when the marriage will take place.  For some, this is a very simple answer to arrive at, but for others, it can be the first in a long line of difficult decisions. If you are among those who are not sure how to narrow down the potential dates, consider these tips:

Close Your Eyes and Imagine Your Wedding Seriously, before you read any further, take a moment to imagine what you will look like as a bride.  Image the pictures being taken alongside your spouse-to-be and your closest friends. Once you have done so, then consider the following. Before you do anything else, you’ll have to decide upon a season in which to wed, and that is why we asked that you visualize the day.  Were you dressed in fur and brocade with a steady snow falling around you?  Were the leaves on the limbs overhead awash with color? Or, was the sunshine casting a glow upon your bronzed skin?

Consider Dates of Importance Once you have settled on a season, you can begin to narrow the dates.  If there is a date of some significance in your relationship, then you might consider trying to plan the wedding around that.  However, don’t just consider the dates important to you, but also those that have meaning in your family.  You may be able to plan your wedding for a weekend when family members will already be in town for some other occasion. There may also be dates that you would want to avoid because they have negative- or sad connotation to those you love.  Also, beware of planning a wedding on big travel weekends, when guests are likely to have other commitments or to be out of town.  So, while the weekend of the family reunion might work to your advantage, planning your wedding for Labor Day weekend may cause a shortage of available guests.

Call Your Venue If you’ve narrowed your list of potential wedding dates, then it is a great time to call your first- and second choice venues.  Determine what dates they will have available, and that may very well check another weekend or two off of your list, making your final decision that much easier.

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