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Top Tips: Planning a Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding

So, you are planning to have your wedding in Lake Tahoe?  We can’t blame you.  It is a gorgeous backdrop for any affair, but especially a romantic wedding.  However, if you are planning a destination wedding, there are certain considerations that you are going to have to keep in mind.

Take a Look at the Local Flora and Fauna One of the biggest mistakes that we see brides-to-be make, when planning destination weddings, is to order the blooms most common in their own area.  Remember, local blooms vary from region-to-region, state-to-state.  Though you may have selected flowers that are inexpensive in your area, you may find that the price goes up when they have to be delivered to your destination wedding.  Instead, take some time to get to know what flowers grow naturally in Lake Tahoe, and you can save yourself a tremendous sum of money.

Consider The Comfort of Guests While the guests will undoubtedly ooh and ahh over the eight foot tall ice sculpture that you commissioned, they would most likely prefer that you spend that money on reserving rooms.  When you have a destination wedding, it places new burdens on guests, so do what you can to ease discomfort.  This doesn’t have to eat up your wedding budget.  It may be possible to negotiate room prices for guests, so they don’t have to spend as much to stay the night.  It could also mean reserving airline seats ahead of time, while prices are low and offering the discounted tickets to your guests.

Consult a Professional Please, please, please consider hiring a professional wedding planner.  While we are absolutely certain that you are capable of throwing a fantastic event without the insight of a pro, we speak from experience when we say that you will get much more bang for your buck if you have the helping hand.  A professional who resides in Lake Tahoe will be aware of all the local ins-and-outs.  He or she will know where to shop to get the best deals, will have connections with local talents, and can likely get many of the decorations at a discount because he or she is a frequent customer.  It is also a presence in the area when you are not able to be here.

These are just a few of the things that should be considered when throwing a destination wedding, but they can get you started as your prepare for a dreamy day with a beautiful backdrop.

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