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5 Trends That are Making Wedding Attire Easier for Dress-Haters

Whether you are the bride-to-be or merely a guest at the affair, if you hate dresses then you are likely stressing about what you are going to wear.  But, let us stop you there.  After all, this is, perhaps, the very best era for those who don’t like to be dolled up in dresses.  Why do we say that?  There are so many fashion trends taking place right at this moment, which make it easy-peasy to impress without wearing a dress.

The Jumpsuit  In fairness, the trend is starting to wear out (pardon the pun!), but it is not dead yet, and there is good reason to consider it, if you are a hater-of-dresses who must attend an upcoming wedding.  Even though we aren’t seeing as many of these in the limelight as we were at this time last year, they are still being stocked in every department store, and via thousands of retailers online.  This is simply because women love the way they feel and the way they look.  A jumpsuit with a flared leg is the perfect alternative, when you really don’t want to wear a dress.  Pair it with a low heel, a simple bangle bracelet, and a down ‘do… voila! Wedding attire win!

Wide Leg Meets Crop Top  Before you panic, you don’t have to have rock-hard abs to find success with this look.  There are many mock-crops on the market that give the same effect without baring the belly. The look is super comfortable, especially for the woman who is regularly dressed in jeans or pants, and it will be more than acceptable as wedding attire.

Leggings You’ve gotta love leggings! There is a reason for their continued success.  Leggings are terrific!  Not only are they supremely comfortable; when paired with the right top and shoe they can provide instant glam.  That means no dress, a very fashionable look, and new separates for every day wear. You simply can’t beat them.  If you are going to go with legging for a wedding, opt for a sophisticated style – something with a little sparkly, a leather-like look, or a bit of beaded detailing.  Avoid overly bright, distracting prints.  Pair the leggings with a flowing, long top.  We highly recommend a long, button down blouse, which can look very chic over leggings.

These are just a few of the ways that you can avoid the discomfort of wearing something you hate on the day of the wedding.

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