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Bridal Advice: Choose Your Shoes Wisely

When a young woman imagines her wedding day, she generally pictures herself in a gown of white, walking slowly and gracefully toward the person who has captured her heart.  What she most certainly doesn’t picture is tripping and falling halfway down the aisle.  It has happened, though, and it is likely to be a shared fate if brides do not choose their wedding shoes wisely.  And, this selection is not just about preventing trips and falls during the ceremony.  It is important that brides consider the impact of dancing the night away in uncomfortable shoes.

Stilettos, if you are familiar with walking in them, can be a fine choice for an indoor ceremony, but it would be wise to have a pair of flats stashed in a bag, which can be discreetly swapped in for the staggering heels before the dancing begins.

Wedding celebrations will often include alcohol and hours of dancing.  A bride can spend a lot of time on the dance floor and may consume more alcohol than she is accustomed to drinking.  The drinks numb pain and might impact her equilibrium.  Falls are not uncommon, and the pain arrives the next day, just as she is preparing to leave for her honeymoon.

Proper shoes are really very important, though they are an aspect of the wedding day commonly overlooked.  While the six inch heels are undoubtedly sexy, it is a good idea to consider something with a wider, shorter, more stable heel, particularly if getting married outdoors on a soft surface.  Be sure that the shoes fit well and can be worn comfortably.  It is an excellent idea to break them in before the wedding.  Don’t want to take a chance of getting them dirty?  Wear them around the house, after work.  This will give them time to stretch and conform to your foot.  It will also reduce the chances that you have blisters when leaving for your honeymoon.

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