High Mountain Weddings

Five Reasons to Be Married in the Snow

Most brides will plan their weddings for the warmest months of the year, but you shouldn’t be so quick to rule out a winter wedding.  The snow-covered landscape can provide a very stunning backdrop for your special day.  Need more incentive to avoid the so-called wedding season?  Then, consider these five reasons that we absolutely love winter ceremonies.

Faux Fur A summer bride has never looked as inviting as a winter bride wrapped in a faux fur shawl.  Not only does it provide the desired warmth, it also makes a woman look very approachable, sophisticated, and timeless.  We love faux fur for the wedding scene.  Not only does it look beautiful on the blushing bride, it can also be used to add texture and appeal to reception tables, floors, and seating nooks.

Cable Knit Again, there is just something about the textures of winter wear that looks lovely against the pink cheeks of a new bride.  We’ve seen cable knit blankets used in bridal photoshoots.  We’ve seen gray and black cable knit hats and grooms and groomsmen.  We’ve seen cable knit table runners.  And, every time, the effect has been spectacularly romantic.

Pink Cheeks We mentioned them above, but they deserve mention again.  There is nothing like the glow achieved by fresh winter’s air to make your photographs come to life.

Biodegradable Glitter Even if the snow doesn’t decide to descend over your ceremony, you can enjoy the flickers of light and the sensation of small particles landing on your shoulders as you walk, hand-in-hand with your groom, under the confetti of biodegradable glitter.  Just imagine the pictures, with the white, snow-covered earth behind you.

Blanket Favors If you were looking for something special to give to your guests at your intimate wedding celebration, then you might just want to consider fleece throws.  Available in nearly every color imaginable, these inexpensive blankets can be ordered to match your color scheme.  They will keep guests warm at your ceremony and can continue to serve the purpose for years to come.  You could even have them monogrammed.

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