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Making Sure Your Wedding Reception is a Smashing Success

Every bride wants her wedding to be something that people remember for years to come.  In most cases, it is not the ceremony that people clearly remember, but rather the reception that follows.  So, if you want to throw a memorable wedding, starting to think about how you can make your reception the party of the year is a great idea.

Make Yourself Happy We understand that you are concerned with making sure that everyone has fun, but start with yourself, because if you can’t have fun at your wedding, then chances are that others won’t have any fun either.  So, know what you like best and plan your reception around that.  If you would much rather be in flip flops throwing horseshoes as opposed to being in heels on the dance floor, then plan a reception that can accommodate those desires.

Carefully Consider the Crowd First instincts often drive brides and grooms to invite every person that has played a part in their lives.  Generally, the need to abide by a budget will help to cut that list down, but it is also important to consider how well these people will mingle and interact.  Large crowds can be a lot of fun, but sometimes, smaller and more intimate affairs are more memorable.

Really Consider that Seating Chart Putting that chore behind you will undoubtedly feel amazing, but remember that the table assignments can set the tone for the entire evening.  Placing people in uncomfortable situations can lead to them checking out early.  But, placing people together who can converse, laugh, and joke easily will encourage them to hang out, have another drink (or three), to keep the fun going.

Say Hi to Everyone, But Be Sure You Have Fun Don’t skip the reception line.  We know its time consuming and can be awkward at moments, but it is worthwhile.  Why?  Because it means that you have done your duty and greeted each and every one of the guests.  When you arrive at the reception, you are free to do as you please.  That means that you get to have fun faster, and others will follow suit.

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