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The Tea Party Bridal Shower

Planning for the wedding is so much fun, but don’t forget that there will be other, smaller celebrations before you walk the aisle.  The bachelorette party will bring its own version of entertainment, undoubtedly, but there is also the bridal shower to look forward to.  Before you cringe, consider the fact that there are ways to host bridal showers that won’t lead to awkward hours for the guests.

Bridal showers have gotten a bad name over the years because most associate them with an hour or two of watching a bride-to-be opening casserole dishes and gravy boats.  However, just as this generation is boycotting some of the long lived wedding traditions, so too are they changing the look and feel of the bridal shower.  You can do the very same.

Rather than making the party all about gift opening, consider how you can make it an event that will be remembered with fond thoughts. You might provide your guests a sneak peak of the wedding venue by hosting the bridal party at the same location on a Sunday or weekday evening.

We also love the idea of turning the entire event into a tea party.  Imagine platters of gorgeous pastries, cookies, and cakes laid out on a table with an elaborate centerpiece.  On another table, various tea pots on display, holding the hot water that can be used for a taste testing of the various designer teas.  Also pitchers of different fruit-infused iced teas.  For those with a slightly larger appetite, cucumber sandwiches, baby quiches, croissants, and fresh fruits are offered.

For those who come to your tea party, favors can come in the shape of decorated tea cups complete with a sample for the road.  Buy the mugs in bulk and you can even use the tips found on the internet to decorate each cup with Sharpie markers, to make the gifts especially personal.

While guest fill their plates, taste test the various offerings and discuss their favorites, you can slowly work your way through the pile of gifts.

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