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15 Creative Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Dress

After months of planning, your wedding has come and gone.  The memories will undoubtedly last a lifetime.  But now that you are back from the honeymoon and falling back into a normal rhythm of day-to-day life, you are likely wondering what you are going to do with the wedding dress.

These gowns are generally very costly, and if you are like many women, you will have it professional cleaned, stash it in a garment bag, and tuck it away in the back of your closet.  While this is the most common way of handling a gown after a wedding, there are many modern women who have decided that they want the dress to do double duty, instead of collecting dust.

Wear it Again wedding dress parties were becoming quite popular a few years ago, and while the sensation has died down, they can still be a lot of fun and a good reason for you and your friends to re-wear the expensive gowns.  If you didn’t have a party in mind, though, you might consider reworking your dress so it can serve you as you attend the weddings of your many friends and family members.  Wedding dresses are generally made of a lot of fabric.  They can be cut, reshaped, and even dyed to create looks that are much more universal.  You can turn your wedding gown into a cocktail dress that makes you feel sexy and stunning, and wear that to the other weddings that you will attend.  With so much fabric to work with, the seamstress may even be able to make two looks from a single dress.

Gift It If you don’t care to make a new look for yourself, but you would like to do something kind for someone else, consider doing just that.  There are several ways that you can make your dress work for others.  As we mentioned above, there is a lot of material used in the making of the typical wedding gown.  It can be repurposed to make a christening gown for your own child, or a god child.  It could also be used to create a very beautiful princess dress for a young child.  Or, you could donate the dress to a charitable organization that helps women in need.

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