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Making an Old Wedding Gown New

If you are like many women in this country, then your mother has a wedding gown that she once wore on her own special day, tucked away in the back of her closet.  Though she may not come out an express the hope to you, there is very likely a piece of her that would really like to see you dressed in the same gown for your wedding.  Of course, you likely had other plans, and don’t really want to wear an out-of-style dress as you walk the aisle before friends and family.

Considering all of that, many brides have found that it is possible, and affordable to alter their mothers’ dresses to create modern, gorgeous gowns worthy of a contemporary bride.  That way, the moms get their wish of having the dress worn again, and the daughters are able to walk with pride in a dress of their own creation.

There are many things that can be done to an existing dress to step it into the 21st century.

Change the Color Take the dress to a professional and talk about the various options before you go ahead and make the decision to cut, crop, or dye your mother’s wedding dress, of course.  But, if you are going to make that dress modern, very likely one of the first things that will be recommended by the professional is a color change.  It was not uncommon in generations past for women to wear gowns that were off-white, champagne, or beige in color.  Very likely, this isn’t what you had in mind for your own dress.  It may be possible to bleach the fabric to make it a bright white.  Or, it could be dyed, if you want to embrace the new trend of wearing something other than white.  Pinks, blues, and grays have been seen on many brides in recent years.

Update the Lace Chances are good that the dress from the past has some lace incorporated into the design.  Vintage lace can be beautiful, but to modernize the gown, you might have to let go of most, if not all of it.

Adjust the Sleeves and Necklines It’s no secret that modern brides are a little more liberal when it comes to showing off skin.  So take off the long sleeves and drop the neckline a bit to make the form fit your tastes.

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