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Don’t Make These Wedding Menu Mistakes

The meal at your wedding can be very memorable, either in a good way or in a very bad way.  If you want to ensure that your guests have food worth savoring, then be sure that you don’t make these common wedding menu mistakes.

Making it ComplicatedWhatever you do, don’t overcomplicate your menu for your wedding reception.  Offering up too many options is going to make it harder on the caterer, more expensive for you, and can lead to indecision on the part of your guests.  As a general rule of thumb, there should be three options for the main course at a sit-down dinner.  One of those is generally a vegetarian or vegan option.  For a buffet, you may want to offer more, but again, you should keep your budget in mind.

Over-complication can also refer to the habit of trying to please everyone.  Choose meals that are simple, but tasty.  Offer up three options and let your guests choose from those.  When you try to appeal to the many different palettes, preferences, and dietary restrictions will just lead to trouble.

Making Uninformed Assumptions Many times we have heard brides say that they are choosing a buffet-style dinner because they can’t afford a more formal sit-down style plating.  However, it isn’t safe to automatically assume that you will save money by doing so.  People will generally eat more when offered options at a buffet, which can mean that the food costs more per person. Plus, sit-down dinners can be more easily planned because dinners are ordered in advance. The other variable, of course, is the number of servers needed to cover the dinner.  Ultimately, it will come down to the pricing structure of the catering service and the venue.  You may find that the two dinner options are not as drastically different in price as you thought.


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