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Reducing the Burden on Your Bridesmaids

There is a great deal of thrill that comes with accepting a marriage proposal and starting the planning process.  The wedding day will, undoubtedly, be one the most memorable of your entire life, so, of course, you want it to be extremely special, and preferably perfect.  However, in all of your planning excitement, it can be easy to overlook the burden that you are placing on friends and loved ones.

The women who you have invited to play a special part in your big day are most definitely happy to be recognized.  They most certainly want to be at your side as you say your vows, however, you have to remember how much expense can go into playing the part of bridesmaid.

While those young women want to be with you, it would be extremely kind of you to remember all of the ways that they will wind up spending money on your life event, so you can, perhaps, lessen the financial blow.

According to some reports, a bridesmaid can plan to spend upwards of $1500 on the wedding and pre-wedding events.  For those we are just getting started in the working world, that is a huge amount of money.  In fact, for the average American, $1500 is more than half a month’s salary.

Where is the money spent? How can you help cut the costs?

Lodging When the wedding is out of town, or the bridesmaid is travelling to town for the big event, lodging can be a big expense, often $300-$500.  Help her cut the costs by offering her a place to stay or by negotiating with the hotels for discount prices.

Gifts for Shower and Wedding At least $50-$100 per, and with there being both the shower gift and the wedding gift to consider, this can also be a big expense for the bridesmaids.  So, let them off the hook, and tell them that having them in the wedding is the only gift you want or need.  If you don’t think they’ll oblige, then talk to your Maid of Honor and suggest that there be a price limit set on the gifts that is more reasonable.

Dress, Shoes, Hair, and Accessories The average bridesmaid will spent $500 or more on her look for the big day (and that doesn’t factor in the expense for anything special to be worn to the rehearsal dinner).  Keep the financial burden to a minimum by carefully considering the dresses, shoes, and beauty appointments you choose for your bridesmaids.

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