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Making Your Wedding Menu Vegetarian-Friendly

The number of people choosing not to eat meat products has increased substantially over the past couple of decades.  With more knowledge, cookbooks dedicated to overcoming dietary restrictions, and a better selection at grocery stores, it is easier and healthier to be a vegetarian than ever before. That likely means that at least one person at your wedding reception will refuse meat during the main meal.

As a result, many brides and grooms are doing what they can to accommodate vegetarians, and it isn’t as difficult as some believe it to be.  In fact, in some cases, it isn’t even necessary to plan a specifically vegetarian main meal option.

Particularly at buffet-style meals, vegetarians have so many choices in the form of salads and sides that there is no need to create a specific main meal option.  If you want to be sure that your vegetarian friends are full and happy at the end of the meal, and you fear there aren’t enough sides to make that possible, then you can consider the following.

Remember that vegetarians aren’t entirely limited to vegetables, and there are different degrees of vegetarianism.   In some cases, a person will consider him- or herself a vegetarian, but actually consume seafood and fish.  This may be something to inquire about, especially if trying to cater to a very small number of non-meat eaters.  If fish is out of the question than consider other forms of protein, such as beans and tofu, but also remember that vegetarians are open to grain-based meals.  Amazing food options can be created with a mix of vegetables, fruits and grains.

If you are truly concerned about offering a fabulous vegetarian option, if you are a vegetarian, your spouse is, or you have a large number of guests who don’t eat meat, then be sure you ask the prospective caterer what vegetarian meals are recommended and made on a frequent basis.  Those experienced with this dietary restriction will undoubtedly have a long list of ideas for you to consider.


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