October 2016

Fall weddings are beautiful, unique, and magical. The season starts in about a month so if you're making decisions for this year or for the future, here are four can't-miss tips for making your Fall wedding memorable.

    1. Your theme can complement the season in beautiful ways. Above all else, the Fall offers beautiful colors that evoke harvest season. Use these to complement your theme in every way that strikes you. Play with the colors you select for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Talk to your florist about seasonally exciting choices. Deep reds and lush oranges, accented by pinks and golds (and sometimes even deep greens) are striking in the Fall.

Do you need to decide where to splurge and where to save for your upcoming wedding? Here are 5 ways to still get the perfect wedding while keeping the costs reasonable:

  1. The venue shapes an entire wedding. It shapes an entire reception. The venue is the one item that has to be perfect. Outdoor venues such as a Lake Tahoe wedding will generally be more affordable and more flexible in helping keep down other costs. Depending on the venue you choose, Saturdays can sometimes cost twice as much as Sundays or weekdays, so be open to scheduling creatively.

The outdoors provide a lot of advantages for a wedding. You get natural beauty and sweeping vistas in which to speak your vows. You get space for your wedding party and there's no need to deal with city traffic or parking headaches. There is a headache for those wearing high heels to an outdoor wedding, however. It's the sinking feeling when you realize that those sharp heels have suddenly become stuck in soft ground. There's nothing worse for your wedding party than a bridesmaid becoming bogged down like a Jeep and having to decide between ditching her shoes entirely or standing there helplessly. No one wants to derail a ceremony like that, and there are a few good, sensible options for avoiding it.

You're still deciding what kind of wedding you want. Do you want it and the reception outdoors or indoors? There are some great benefits to an outdoor wedding, and some things to watch out for. Ultimately, the benefits are considerable. Consider this: All the Space You Could Want. Seriously, you don't run out of space at an outdoor wedding or reception. There's no maximum capacity, you won't have to squeeze plus-ones in at the edges, and the fire codes are simple enough for Smokey Bear to cover in a 15-second commercial.

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