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The Pros of Holding Your Emerald Bay Wedding Outdoors

You’re still deciding what kind of wedding you want. Do you want it and the reception outdoors or indoors? There are some great benefits to an outdoor wedding, and some things to watch out for. Ultimately, the benefits are considerable. Consider this:

All the Space You Could Want. Seriously, you don’t run out of space at an outdoor wedding or reception. There’s no maximum capacity, you won’t have to squeeze plus-ones in at the edges, and the fire codes are simple enough for Smokey Bear to cover in a 15-second commercial.

Atmosphere. What’s more beautiful than the outdoors? When conditions are good, they’re perfect. Beautiful sunsets, starry nights, conditions that help make your wedding feel so very meant-to-be. On the other hand, you will have to pay attention to the weather report and have an indoor backup just in case. There’s a bit of risk as to weather conditions, but the reward is more than worth it.

No Competition. There’s enough space in the outdoors to help you make sure locations aren’t double-booked and that you don’t need to compete for them. The stress of organizing dozens of guests disappears when you’re breathing in mountain air instead of sitting in city traffic, and those guests will have a much easier time finding hotels and accommodations.

Parking and Deliveries. You don’t need to compete for parking in cramped city conditions. Vendors and caterers trying to unload equipment and decorations don’t need to double-park, block others, and charge you a moving violation. There are different logistical concerns outdoors, but they’re the kind you can plan for better ahead of time.

Decorating Budget. Seriously, how do you improve on the view of a beautiful lake in the summer? How do you improve on the pines sweeping down a cliff, or the changing colors of the trees in Autumn? You can keep decorations simple and inexpensive outdoors because the vast majority of the decorating’s already been waiting for you every year and season that passes.

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