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Five Romantic Things to Do After Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

If you are preparing for your wedding at High Mountain Weddings, then you may just find that you have a little extra time in the Lake Tahoe area before or after your wedding day.  If that is the case, you may just want to spend a little romantic time with that person who won your heart.  There are many romantic adventures awaiting in this beautiful part of the country.

Wine Tasting Beautiful  wineries abound in Lake Tahoe with very skilled winemakers who will have your taste buds dancing with delight.  Hire a driver, or even rent a limo for the day, and take a look- and a taste- of the gorgeous Lake Tahoe landscape.  Sharing this experience and the time alone will undoubtedly lead to many romantic memories made.

Ice SkatingThe South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena offers public skating for those who want to strap on some skates and spend an hour or so slipping, sliding, and soaring.  This is a great way to spend some time hand-in-hand with the person you love.  Afterward, the two of you can warm up with a cup of cocoa.

Gondola Tour The Gondola at Heavenly is definitely a tourist’s favorite. The bird’s eye view of the lake and the gorgeous landscapes that surround it will leave you in awe.  So, snuggle up tight and enjoy something that is unique to this beautiful area.

Hot Air Balloon Ride If you want real romance, real adventure, you simply can’t beat the feeling of flying.  Hot air ballooning isn’t offered every day, as the weather conditions have to be right, but if you get the chance, you should definitely take it.  You can’t beat the sensation or the scenery, and it will most definitely make you feel even closer to the person you are marrying.

Horseback Riding If you love animals and you love nature, then you will both enjoy this type of Lake Tahoe tour.  It will really bring a sense of peace to your relationship, after the busy nature of planning a wedding.

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