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Outdoor Weddings: How to Make High Heels Work in Soft Ground

The outdoors provide a lot of advantages for a wedding. You get natural beauty and sweeping vistas in which to speak your vows. You get space for your wedding party and there’s no need to deal with city traffic or parking headaches.

There is a headache for those wearing high heels to an outdoor wedding, however. It’s the sinking feeling when you realize that those sharp heels have suddenly become stuck in soft ground. There’s nothing worse for your wedding party than a bridesmaid becoming bogged down like a Jeep and having to decide between ditching her shoes entirely or standing there helplessly. No one wants to derail a ceremony like that, and there are a few good, sensible options for avoiding it.

First, notify those attending what kind of attire to wear. This is, of course, common to every wedding – but often these notices forget footwear. Soft, grassy earth can be a high heel trap, even when it’s dry. Be open to women wearing flats.

Alternately, if high heels are a desire you don’t want to ask your party to give up, provide some blocks or stones in the places where the bridesmaids will stand. These can be lovely and decorative, and your bridesmaids will be more comfortable standing on a hard, reliable surface during the stretch when their high heels are at their most vulnerable.

Another option is heel covers. These are covers that slip over the heel but provide a somewhat wider base for it that is less likely to sink into the ground. They range in appearance from colorful accessories that act as a highlight to subtle accents that are barely noticeable.

Heel covers can even be introduced as fun favors and a conversation topic during the bachelorette party. Whatever you decide to help your high heeled friends and family, High Mountain Wedding is here to think of all the small details that will make your Lake Tahoe wedding the best it can be.

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