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Gifts and Favors for a Sunny, Outdoor Wedding

Soon-to-be in-laws that don’t get along? Relatives upset at each other? The most important favor you can give is bottles of cold water in the summer. This cools everybody off and hydration is one of the most important factors in people remaining calm and collected. Don’t forget the water!

If it’s a sunny day, there’s nothing like a nice basket of parasols where your guests will enter. Parasols block the bright sun and shield guests from sunburn. They’ll also make your wedding exceptionally colorful, and you can choose patterns and themes that fit your wedding. They’re a remarkable way to add incredible style to your wedding as your guests parade around holding and twirling vibrantly colored parasols. If it’s sunny enough, even the gruffest man will take one. Just make sure your guests are aware that a parasol can block someone else’s view behind them when seated. Before the ceremony and after, they’re great, but they should be folded up during.

Colorful, plastic sunglasses are also an affordable favor that adds vibrancy while also helping people with the sun.

For the bridesmaids and groomsmen, have some light snacks and water available while everyone gets ready. Sometimes there’s a lot of running around and last-minute errands right before the ceremony commences. You don’t want anyone feeling light-headed, forgetting something important, or fainting. So make sure everyone has the opportunity to snack and hydrate. If you ask, no one will say they’re hungry or thirsty because they all know it’s someone else’s day. But if you provide the food, believe us, it’ll get eaten.

The last thing anyone remembers to bring to an outdoor wedding is sunscreen. Find some lovely dispensers and set them at the entrance or on a side table. Make sure guests know they can get sunscreen here. For other outdoor wedding ideas and ways of making your guests embrace the sun, contact us about all the different and beautiful possibilities. From a grand view to an important detail, we can help you find the best choices for your outdoor wedding.

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