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5 Ways to Splurge or Save for a Wedding and Reception

Do you need to decide where to splurge and where to save for your upcoming wedding? Here are 5 ways to still get the perfect wedding while keeping the costs reasonable:

    1. The venue shapes an entire wedding. It shapes an entire reception. The venue is the one item that has to be perfect. Outdoor venues such as a Lake Tahoe wedding will generally be more affordable and more flexible in helping keep down other costs. Depending on the venue you choose, Saturdays can sometimes cost twice as much as Sundays or weekdays, so be open to scheduling creatively.

  1. Flowers are a big expense hit, and one of the places you can save most easily is by doing a little research here. There are amazing collections of floral designs for weddings on Instagram and Pinterest – check these out for inspiration and you’ll quickly find ways to decorate your wedding in a way that’s unique to you but that doesn’t break the bank.
  1. Meals aren’t too bad of an expense…until you realize how many people you may be feeding. Consider appetizers and hors d’oeuvres to help fill folks up, and then cut down on the number of courses during the meal. Weddings are often becoming less formal events, too. This depends on what the bride and groom want most, but if you’re going for an informal, low-key wedding, some folks have even had potlucks, opting for comforting family recipes and the greater variety of food this allows. It can feel more personal, but obviously it’s not right for everybody.
  1. Music can become expensive if going for a live band. Consider a DJ. They’re less expensive and usually offer a greater variety of music. Make sure you see a tape of their performance first – don’t hire a DJ or band sight unseen. If you do go with a live band, you can split half-and-half, letting the band go early to save a bit and having the DJ come in as the evening progresses and everyone loosens up. This can also help give a reception a variety of flavors – more traditional, live music early on, and more modern, pop and dance music later.
  1. Above all, when employing small businesses or individuals, understand that this is how they make their living. You can still ask for deals and negotiate certain things, but treat finding ways to save as a collaboration between you and the business. Don’t treat it as an aggressive negotiation or ultimatum. Sometimes this means a business may not give you the deal you want, but can come up with another deal that’s slightly different or give you a break if you send referrals for other events their way.
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