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4 Can’t-Miss Tips for a Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are beautiful, unique, and magical. The season starts in about a month so if you’re making decisions for this year or for the future, here are four can’t-miss tips for making your Fall wedding memorable.

    1. Your theme can complement the season in beautiful ways. Above all else, the Fall offers beautiful colors that evoke harvest season. Use these to complement your theme in every way that strikes you. Play with the colors you select for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Talk to your florist about seasonally exciting choices. Deep reds and lush oranges, accented by pinks and golds (and sometimes even deep greens) are striking in the Fall.

  1. Serve seasonally themed food. Everyone gravitates toward pumpkin flavored desserts in the Fall, it’s just a law of nature. Fruit pies are a fall favorite. Fall is an excellent time for things that comfort and people like to feast when it’s starting to grow cold, so find twists that you like on your favorite foods and desserts from childhood.
  1. Don’t shy away from asking for deals. Vendors experience their busy season in the summer. From bands to bakeries, the Fall is a drop-off for many businesses that focus on the wedding season. Keep an open mind about what they say back, as well. Some businesses may be open to a price cut. Others will want to keep the price at the same level, but may be willing to offer more. Still others will simply say they won’t negotiate the price. Don’t be offended if they don’t give you a deal – after all, you’re the one asking them to bend. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask and businesses are sometimes willing to get very creative about what they can provide.
  1. You know the local weather in the Fall, but those flying in from elsewhere may not. Remember in your invitations to outline the weather and the kind of clothing guests should bring to feel comfortable. Around these parts, we have to be prepared for warm days and cold, so make sure that you’ve got heaters and blankets on hand if the wedding or reception may need them. You can mix in coffee and hot cocoa, too.
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