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5 Advantages of a Winter Wedding at Lake Tahoe

Why book a winter wedding at Lake Tahoe? It’s a good question with some even better answers. There are some fantastic reasons to start looking into a unique winter wedding:

    1. Winter is a more affordable season. Locations get snapped up in the summer. If you have a dream Lake Tahoe wedding location, but it’s not available during the summer, be open to booking it in winter. It’s that much more money you save for your honeymoon or to plan your family together.

  1. In a word: mood. Snow on the ground and in the pines evokes feelings of inner warmth. They recall holidays in childhood, times when you felt safe and families often joined together. Winter brings with it feelings of inclusion, and what better time to joint two families together? Plus, the Lake Tahoe views are beautiful year-round.
  1. Colors stand out in winter. Every choice you make, ever design and fabric choice, every flower selection…every piece of design and decoration that represents you and your union together will flourish before the white snow and sky. Everything you want others to notice and cherish will be that much more vibrant.
  1. Plan an event that lasts more than a single day. Because winter is a more affordable season than summer, you can book your wedding and reception, as well a ski trip or any other activities. This works especially well for partners and families who are active, who seek thrills, or who love the outdoors. It’s a great way to let family and friends spend more time together and get to know each other beyond the wedding itself.
  1. You’ll get to be unique. See enough wedding gowns and they start to look similar. A bridal jacket or a groom’s coat with tails, though? A fetching wedding hat or an intricate wedding shawl? Build layers into your dress and other wedding attire that sets your wedding apart.
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