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7 Great Tips for the Perfect Lakeside Wedding

Having your wedding on the lakefront is a beautiful idea. It offers a whole range of stunning possibilities for making your day magical and memorable, especially when it’s a Lake Tahoe wedding. Here are some of our favorite lakeside wedding tips:

  1. Think about the time of day and time of year. The lake lights up when sunset draws near, so you can consider timing the “I do’s” for the moment when sunset lights up the lake like a soft fire behind you.
  1. The most classic idea is placing an archway in front of the water. This way, it feels like the bride and groom are standing before a portal to sea and sky. Even though your guests can see the sea and sky to either side of the archway, it doesn’t matter – whatever’s highlighted inside will seem part of a painting.
  1. Having the wedding on a pier or on a floating platform on the water can be quite memorable. Just make sure you have all the details worked out and that the wedding party has good sea legs.
  1. Instead of heading out in a car with “Just Married” on the back, consider doing so in a boat. Just make sure you know you’re heading.
  1. If the reception is also lakeside, place lawn chairs in groups by the lakeside so that guests can lounge by the shore and enjoy their surroundings.
  1. Consider nautical themes for the placecards and invites. Remember to keep a light touch, though – we all remember that scene from “Wedding Crashers.”
  1. Wreaths of flowers can look beautiful floating on the lakeside. Depending on the waves, you may have to have these secured so they won’t simply float back to shore. Floating candle holders are also beautiful as the evening progresses.

These ideas are just a start to holding the perfect Lake Tahoe wedding. There’s nothing better than a lakeside wedding. What better way is there to take the plunge and get married?

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