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6 Ways to Help Give You a Green Wedding

Green weddings are both a hot new trend and a way of being ecologically mindful. Some will go to the ends of the earth to ensure their wedding is entirely green. Others will choose not to go this route. Many may find it fulfilling to adopt one or two ideas that help their wedding be more green without being entirely green. Whatever option you choose for your wedding, here are some great green ideas to consider:

  1. One of the biggest green considerations involves the miles loved ones will travel to be at your wedding. Being judicious with the guest list’s numbers is a good way to cut down on your wedding’s ecological impact. This is one of the harder ways to go green. You want to invite who you want to invite, after all.
  1. One aspect of your wedding that’s easy and fun to make greener is sourcing locally. Food and beverages are a good way to do this. Research local farms and breweries. Flowers are another good way to keep it local. You don’t have to do all the work either. Instructing your caterer and florist to keep it local means they’ll do the legwork to keep your wedding sustainable in this way. Best of all, local food, drinks, and flowers can have a way of giving more specific character to your wedding. So many of the things you eat and see, after all, will be linked more closely with the region itself.
  1. Jewelry is a good way to go green. Environmentally responsible jewelry comes in many types. Jewelers with an ecological focus can use ethically sourced diamonds and games, or recycled stones and metals. This approach will split readers more than any other section. Oftentimes, you have your heart set on a classic diamond that hearkens back to tradition. For others, something handmade might carry heart and soul in a more unique way.
  1. One easy way to go green is to use recycled and post-consumer paper to make everything from invitations to reception cards. It’s a small but significant change. Doing more online rather than through paper and the mail can further cut down on paper waste.
  1. Ecologically conscious wedding and bridesmaids gowns are a trending way to keep a wedding green. Designers who specialize in these also tend to favor looks that make wearers look and feel more natural.
  1. Hold your wedding in an outdoor location, taking advantage of natural light and fresh air. It can help you feel like you’re expanding your wings into beautiful locations while keeping your green wedding more in tune with nature itself.
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